Public Works


  • Improve and maintain the City of Dallas infrastructure at the highest possible level and to enhance and promote the quality of life.
  • Provide the engineering professionalism to ensure growth and progress for the City of Dallas.
  • Provide a consistent Public Works foundation upon which the City of Dallas can grow and expand into the future.
  • Provide essential services at the highest possible level.


The Public Works  Department is thoroughly committed to providing cost effective engineering and maintenance design solutions through the highest possible and competent professionalism so that the City of Dallas infrastructures are protected, preserved and improved.

Public Works Department 

320 East Foster Avenue - Dallas GA 30132
Phone 770-443-8117 Fax 770-443-5462

Public Works Director – Brandon Rakestraw 770-443-8117
Public Works Superintendent – Mike Wilkins 770- 443- 8117
Street Dept. Foreman – Chris Cobb 770-443-8110 X1403
Water Dept. Foreman – Josh Story 770-443-8110 X1402
Sewer Dept. Foreman – Tyler Shaw 770-443-8110 X1404
Stormwater / Environmental compliance – Joey Collings 770-443-8110 X1503
GIS / Locator – Chris Clark 770-443-8117